Damian Dog Trainer
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Training for Domestic & Working Dogs

Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

Dog ownership should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and a well trained dog is a big step towards this. You may have a new puppy at home, be looking to improve overall obedience or be struggling with the behaviour of a dog you’ve had for some time. Whatever the breed and age of your dog, consistent training will bring out the best in them.

You can get on the right track straight away by attending weekly dog training classes, which I run in small groups so everyone gets individual attention. If you missed out on this stage with your dog, don’t panic – there is still time to create that bond between you. I offer a range of services that focus on the best obedience techniques for your dog including home visits to create solutions for behavioural issues.

I am Damian Barson and I have been training dogs for 25 years, including my own pack – Tessleymoor Gundogs. If you have a gundog that you intend to work in the field or simply want to meet breed standards, my experience as a dog behaviourist and gundog trainer will result in a dog you will be proud of. In the home and in a working setting, I am passionate about building a strong relationship between dog and owner, helping you understand how your dog thinks to get the very best out of them.

Gundog Training 4u

...couldn't be happier that I found Damian as a Dog Trainer. Looking forward to many future lessons....